What You Need To Know About Opening A 25 Burgers

25 Burgers is now accepting inquiries for Licensed Partners who are interested in opening their own restaurant.


Q. Do I need restaurant experience to become a Licensed Partner?
A. No. However, you will need to hire a Kitchen Manager with a minimum of 2-years Kitchen Manager experience.

Q. In what Areas is 25 Burgers actively looking for Licensed Partners?
A. In the State of New Jersey, the following Counties are available: Essex, Bergen, Passaic and Morris County.

A. In Pennsylvania, the following Counties are available:  Monroe, Pike, Northampton, Lehigh, Bucks, Wayne and Montgomery County.      

Q. What are the total estimated initial investment costs to open a 25 Burgers?
A. Sites that were previously a restaurant can be built out as a 25 Burgers for approximately $88,000 to $142,000, depending on Contractor Labor costs, Equipment costs and the Site condition. (Most Equipment requirements are flexible where $$ can be saved on smart purchases).  An open space will cost anywhere from $155,000 to $225,000.

Q. What if I will not work the day to day Operations as an Owner / Operator?
A. That’s Ok, you will need to hire one full time Manager with at-least 2 years of Restaurant Management experience in addition to a Kitchen Manager.

Q. What about the Website?
A., You will have the ability to make changes to your individual pages with 25 Burgers approval. Certain changes may require a fee.

Q. What is the term of the 25 Burgers License agreement?
A. The initial term is ten years. Additional five-year terms are available.

Q. Will I have an exclusive territory?
A. Yes, each 25 Burgers Restaurant will be located in its own, “designated area,” inside which no other 25 Burgers Restaurant can or will be developed.

Q. How long is the training for the Managers.?
A. Three weeks prior to the grand opening and three weeks of Corporate support and training after the opening.

Q. Can I assume the role of General Contractor or choose my own?
A. Yes

Q. What size should my store be?
A. A typical store should range from 1,500 to 2,600 square feet

Q. Will 25 Burgers assist with identifying an Architect or Architectural Firm?
A. Yes, if needed

Q. Will 25 Burgers provide accurate site requirements to the Architect for the Engineers drawings?
A. Yes

Q. Can 25 Burgers provide assistance with Lease negotiations?
A. Yes, if requested.

Q. Will 25 Burgers assist working with the town officials regarding the permitting process?
A. Yes if needed

Q. Will 25 Burgers provide support with the passing of all rough and final inspections with the town officials?
A. Yes if needed     

Q. What form of continuing guidance will I receive?
A., You will receive visits of Corporate support every 4-6 weeks from your 25 Burgers representative or more frequently if requested. Your representative will provide guidance to help you maintain the 25 Burgers Operating systems.

Q. How much will it cost for the initial License Fee?
A. $15,500

Q. How much is the total fee for continuing support services?
A. The continuing services, or “royalty” fee is 3% of the gross sales derived from the licensed restaurant, paid every week.

License Partner Evaluation Form